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BOnheur Massage Oil – 100 ml

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BOnheur Massage Oil – 100 ml

The massage oil is a hydrating skincare product that nourishes and softens your skin. Soothing and relaxing. Penetrating deep into your skin, it leaves it satin-like to the touch, and not at all greasy.

At the spa, it is used as massage oil for the body. It leaves your skin silky to the touch and not at all greasy, so it doesn't need to be rinsed off.
At home, you can use it by massaging it gently into the body as a replacement for body milk, in a relaxing bath or as a nourishing after-sun oil.



The massage oil combines the benefits of three oils: apple pip oil, organic sunflower oil and organic hemp oil.
•    Similar to the natural balance of your skin, it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, making it perfect for nourishing your skin, rebalancing it and making it silky to the touch, not greasy.
Rich in ingredients that soothe, repair and stimulate the epidermis, it cares for and strengthens stressed, dry skin while relaxing the body.

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