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BO Derme Facial Mask – 50 ml

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BO Derme Facial Mask – 50 ml

Ideal for skin that lacks hydration, radiance and toning, this silky mask containing apples, apple pip oil, honey, propolis, wheat proteins and hyaluronic acid has all the essential ingredients to leave your skin hydrated, nourished, replumped, firmed and smooth, by
 deeply restructuring the epidermis.
•    Apply an even layer on the face and neck.
•    Leave for 10-20 mins so that your skin has time to rehydrate and gently absorb all the nutrients and ingredients it needs.
•    Gently massage in to ensure that the active ingredients are fully absorbed.
•    Remove excess using a cloth that has been lightly moistened with BOcage Eau de Toilette.

The silky mask is the ultimate regenerating skincare product. Its unusual satin-like texture blends into the epidermis, giving it a nourishing and hydrating deep cleansing.

Price: 39,00 EUR
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