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BOuquet body scrub & rehydration – 200 ml

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BOuquet body scrub & rehydration – 200 ml

The fine grains of apple shells and kernels in this sensory scrub gently exfoliate your skin, while its wealth of soothing ingredients and the hydrating milk that forms preserve it.

Use as a face or body scrub in the shower or bath to generate the ultra-hydrating milky film.

The scrub does two things:

• It gently exfoliates to promote the natural renewal of the skin while eliminating impurities and dead cells, making it softer and glowing thanks to the delicate grains of apple pips.

• It soothes, nourishes and hydrates as a result of the camomile floral water, apple pip and sunflower oil (vitamin E and essential fatty acids), softening honey and ultra-hydrating sucrose esters.

Price: 39,00 EUR
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