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BOme Secret de Pommes Apple Balm – 50 ml

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BOme Secret de Pommes Apple Balm – 50 ml

With its soothing, nourishing and protective properties, the balm repairs and protects your skin from the elements (cold, dryness, pollution, ageing, sun, etc.).

At home, the balm soothes, nourishes and protects damaged skin. Apply to sensitive areas of your face, hands, lips, after shaving, exposure to the sun or a day spent skiing or doing water sports. Its small pot means it can be taken everywhere.

The luscious balm is a treatment with a number of benefits:

Soothing thanks to the active ingredient hemp oil.

Nourishing and refreshing thanks to the rich apple pip, sunflower and hemp oils with concentrates of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, that rebalance the protective layer of the epidermis.

Protective, allowing the skin to benefit from the antioxidant properties of the apple polyphenols.

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